The sentence was passed in the case of Piotr Kraśka. The journalist will pay dearly for his mistake

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What was the verdict in the case of Piotr Kraśka?

 The sentence was passed in the case of Piotr Kraśka. The journalist will pay dearly for his error

As the portal” Pomponik “reminds, Piotr Kraśko was caught driving a car some time ago without the legal requirements permissions. After hearing the prosecution's charges, the journalist pleaded guilty. Now the court in Ostrołęka has issued a verdict in his case. Driving without a driving license will cost Kraśka dearly.

Piotr Kraśko will pay dearly for not having a driving license

Referring to Piotr Kraśka's problems with the driving license, one should go back to 2016. It was then that the journalist was stopped by a police patrol. The incident took place in the town of Myszyniec. It was revealed during the inspection that the journalist is driving without the license he lost in 2014.

On Tuesday, September 20, the judge in the case of the journalist was passed in Ostrołęka. The prosecutor's office requested that Piotr Kraśko be sentenced without a trial and proposed that the journalist be punished with a fine of PLN 100,000 in total. zloty. Previously, the sentence was to be agreed with the accused.

The court found Kraśka guilty and punished him with a penalty in the amount agreed between the parties. Unfortunately, Piotr Kraśko has not had the best job recently. The TVP station devoted material to the TVN journalist in which he revealed his problems with the tax office. Piotr Kraśko in a special statement emphasized that these issues had been regulated and clarified with the Tax Office 5 years ago.

Journalist from He does not appear in “Fakty” for a long time, which he ran quite regularly. It is speculated that his adventure with the station may end soon. There were also health problems. Not so long ago, Kraśko was hospitalized, where he underwent a series of tests due to his health problems.

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