The Simpsons Turns Into Death Note Mode In Horrific Trailer

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For Halloween, The Simpsons changes its face and puts on the mask of Japanese animation by parodying Death Note in its 33rd edition of The Simpson Horror Show.

The anime series landscape has changed with the popularity of Matt Groening's work. The program has enjoyed exemplary longevity since it began in 1989. And even today, the adventures of the American family continue and continue to inspire animated comedies in serial format through the ages. If The Griffins, American Dad! or even The Cleveland Show are among the first heirs of this influence, many others based on the same model appear year after year like the average Paradise Font on Netflix.

While it's true that the show is beginning to suffer from its longevity, with interest and anger waning after 34 seasons, a regressive pleasure attached to the production has run down the ages. An escape from the classic episodes that have been unveiled religiously for Halloween season after season: the Simpson Horror Show. And for its 33rd edition, The Simpsons has unveiled a horrifying trailer where the series dons a Death Note costume.

FOX revealed a vistazo al segmento basado en “Death Note” from “The Simpsons”, which will be released next October 30 as part of the special episode “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII”. The production corresponds to cargo from the DR Movie studio, which also participated in the original anime.

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For this special episode, the trailer features 40 seconds of content in which we discover a Lisa who has a problem with the self-destructive tendency of humans and their world. An annoying habit that she will try to fix when the Death Tome, a book with properties similar to the Death Note, falls from the sky and ends up in her hands.

The series seems to reconnect with the satirical tone that made its good dayssince it is with bitterness that a screenplay arena is depicted for us in which our mode of consumption and our excesses are pushed to the extreme in a near and disastrous future. Evidenced by advertisements for vehicle dumps, perfume based on endangered species or the revelation of the gender of the next napalm bomb.

An overview that offers a total change of scenery for regulars of the series since we see The Simpsons in a style totally different animation similar to oriental anime, far from the usual artistic direction. We then discover Springfield and the family in a new light thanks to the South Korean studio DR Movie known for Avatar, the last airbender or Teen Titans.

An episode that will be added to two others that have parodied their sides Westworld and Mister Babadook. To take advantage of this special Halloween bundle, unfortunately we don't yet know when and how it will reach us in France. However, it will land on October 30 on FOX stations and will be available on Hulu the following day in the United States.

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