“The sister he never had”: why the friendship of Prince Harry and Kate Middleton collapsed

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    According to royal observers, Prince Harry's marriage and subsequent scandals have driven a wedge into his close friendship with Kate.

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    In light of the release of Prince Harry's memoirs “Spare”, experts again raised the topic of the relationship between the Duke of Sussex and Prince William's wife. Before the king's youngest son married American actress Meghan Markle, Uquilliam, Kate and Harry almost always appeared in public as a threesome and looked like one family, but after Harry's wedding, everything changed, writes the Daily Star.

    According to the author of the book “Brothers and Wives” Christopher Andersen, after Megan appeared in the family, the connection between Harry and Kate was broken. He mentioned this on the Royally Us podcast, talking with Cristina Garibaldi. The writer believes that Harry helped reconcile William and Katherine after their breakup in 2007.

    “Yes, Harry was always close to Kate and he always said she was the sister he never had. Harry got very emotional at William and Kate's wedding and burst into tears because he called her his sister and so did she They always had these jokes, they had a similar sense of humor, and they both, I think, knew that they were responsible to William, who took himself much more seriously than they did, “Andersen emphasized.

    However, the news of Harry and William's falling out has shattered the close bond between the so-called Fab Four.

    “But the tension is undeniable. Obviously their husbands are at odds, I think Meghan and Kate can respect each other friend, but I don’t think it was a warm and informal relationship. They weren’t close,” the observer notes, speaking of the split between the brothers and their spouses.

    Harry himself, in an interview before the release of his memoirs, said that Kate and William were prejudiced against his future wife Megan when he introduced them. According to the prince, it was hard for them to accept that she was divorced, a film actress and was of mixed race. The Duke of Sussex claimed that his brother and daughter-in-law “stereotyped” his beloved.

    In the TV series Harry and Meghan, Markle complained that she was surprised by the excessive formality of the Dukes of Cambridge when they first met them, and her husband wrote in book how Meghan brought Katherine to tears shortly before her wedding.

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