The situation of Poles is getting worse. Stronger words are being spoken at the authorities. “I would take a stick and run”

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How do Poles react to the situation in the country and the words of the ruling camp?

 The situation of the Pole is getting worse. More and more powerful words are being spoken at the authorities.

According to the “Super Express” portal, the last weeks or even months are not easy for Poles. Rising prices in stores, as well as the horrendous high costs of heating and electricity, keep many people awake at night. Government officials assure us that they are doing everything to make it easier for us to survive the coming fall and winter. At the same time, they encourage you to lower the temperature in the house to 17 degrees and reduce electricity consumption. What do Poles think about it? Extremely strong words were spoken.

The rulers encourage savings

Climate Minister Anna Moskwa encourages Poles to lower the temperatures in their homes. As she admits, she maintains a temperature of 17 degrees in her house and found it to be a temperature at which she could function and get used to.

The words of the head of the Ministry of Climate, a journalist from “Super Express”, decided to quote passers-by on the streets of Warsaw. It turned out that the calls of the minister of Moscow and the general situation in the country evoke considerable emotions.

 The situation of the Pole is getting worse and worse. words are getting stronger and stronger.

Poles are fed up!

One of the pensioners, who was approached by Adam Feder from Super Express, said that Minister Moscow has no right to “order her to sit in the cold”. Another senior also did not show much understanding for the government's exhortations and confidently stated that “he would take a stick and chase them to Belarus.” I won't turn on the tap in the radiators in winter. They also save on grocery shopping, and have to pay bills and medications. Many people admit that it is getting harder and harder for them.

 The situation of the Pole is getting worse. ; I would take a stick and rush & quot;

The entire material can be seen here.

And what do you think about the current situation and the authorities' calls to save electricity or reduce the temperature in homes?


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