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The smartphone driving license is launched everywhere in France: everything you need to know

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It's official, after tests launched last summer, the digital driving license will be available on smartphones throughout France. Anne-Gaëlle Baudouin-Clerc, who heads the national secure securities agency (ANTS), confirmed the news to our colleagues du Parisien in an interview.

How it works ?

Concretely, this digital driving license will be available in the Wallet tab of the France application Identity (available on Android and iOS). Please note, however, that you will only be able to obtain it if you already have the national electronic identity card (CNIe).

More than 17 million French people have already obtained this precious sesame. It is this document which gives access to a digital clone on which you can deposit your driving license in electronic format.

If you are a little scared after reading these lines, don't panic, your identity papers in physical format remain valid and they are in no way called into question by these versions digital. Finally, let us point out that all of these procedures are completely free.

What is the driving license for on a smartphone used for??

Anne-Gaëlle Baudouin-Clerc specifies that this digital license will have the same value as the pink document, while saving time for the motorist and the police in the event of an inspection. The police will in fact be able to check the validity of the license via new NEO smartphones equipped with NFC chips. Thus, the tedious procedure where they had to type the license number and other important information about the driver is eliminated.

Clarifications also that this dematerialized license is supposed to reduce the risks of fraud and falsification. Indeed, the digital file will be encrypted and protected by a code or fingerprint. It will also be updated regularly with data from the national driving license file.

It will also only take you a few minutes to produce a driving ability certificate. A document which will also be easier to share than in physical version. Finally, the France Identity application will also host your dematerialized registration documents and insurance certificate. Enough to share these documents more simply with a mechanic or another professional. For these latest features, however, you will have to wait a little longer. A first test phase is planned by the end of the year.

What you need to remember:

  • The smartphone driving license is available everywhere in France
  • It is a guarantee of simplification and security for motorists
  • The digitization of the automobile insurance certificate and the registration document is also planned

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