The social network Parler, for a time ousted from the web, buys a host

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The Parler social network, once ousted from the web, buys a host

The Parler social network saw its number of followers increase dramatically after the storming of the Capitol.

Parler, a popular conservative clan social network that was temporarily ousted from the web after the Capitol attack in January 2021, announced Friday that it has purchased a company offering hosting services on Internet.

Deploring at the time the multiplication of threats of violence and illegal activities on Parler, Apple and Google had removed the social network from their download platforms, while Amazon had decided not to use it anymore. x27;host on its servers, effectively ostracizing the platform. Parler had taken more than a month to find a way to come back online.

To avoid a similar situation, the company raised new funds, amounting to 16 million US dollars (21.2 million Canadian dollars), and acquired DynaScale, a company that offers solutions for hosting data on private or external servers. It's an alternative to big tech vendors, a Parler spokesperson said in a statement.

The social network says it wants to circumvent the sector by building the first infrastructures and technological platforms in the world that respect freedom of expression.

We will no longer be able to repress sites or networks in the future, underlined its boss, George Farmer, quoted in a press release.

For the occasion, the company has created a new entity, Parlement Technologies, which will oversee DynaScale and the Parler social network.

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