The solution to Shilo to have a sex change upset her father brad pitt, the media

Решение Шайло сменить пол расстроило ее отца Брэда Питта, — СМИ

Famous Hollywood actor brad pitt commented on the decision of her biological daughter Shiloh to be a boy.

About it writes “7 days” with reference to El Universal.

The actor said that when his ex-wife Angelina Jolie filed a formal request for the name Shiloh for a name change, him personally, this idea was not to their liking.

But since he decided not to spoil relations with the daughter, I agreed to meet her request.

While pitt added that he personally is not like many other things that Angelina allows children.

Решение Шайло сменить пол расстроило ее отца Брэда Питта, — СМИ

As you know, Shiloh is still four years refused to respond to given to her at birth name, as told Jolie.

“She prefers to be called John! It took this name from his favorite book “Peter pan, “said the actress in an interview with the publication.

When Shiloh began to grow, Angelina allowed her to wear boy clothes and cut their hair on mens style. Moreover, as previously reported, Jolie allowed her daughter, who this year celebrated his 13th birthday, to start hormonal therapy. And later, likely to let Shiloh and the sex change operation.

“She is the daughter of actress, of course, just happy that the mother is not opposed to her desire. And all anything, but looking at her older sister, younger Vivienne, twin sister of Knox, too, refuses dresses and other girly clothes and becomes like a Tomboy. So it looks like Jolie in the future may be another son instead of a daughter,” suggested the author.

As previously reported “FACTS”, brad pitt has accused angelina Jolie in “poisoning children.”

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