The son of the queen of life had to get involved in his business. Dagmara Kaźmierska decided to make an unexpected comment

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Conan Kaźmierski announced that this is the end of his business for now. Mom did not hide her opinion on this matter.

 The son of the queen of life had to collapse his business. Dagmara Kaźmierska decided to make an unexpected comment

Dagmara Kaźmierska during the years of broadcasting the program & ldquo; Royal & oacute; lowe lives & rdquo; gained great recognition. He also promoted his relatives, including friends, and his son. The viewers liked them a lot, especially Conan, who never concealed the great respect and love he has for his mother. In one of the interviews, he even said that he would be ready to jump into the fire after her.

Portal & ldquo; TeleMagazyn & rdquo; reports that the son of a living queen has recently started his own business. Unfortunately, it did not last too long.

Conan Kaźmierski opened an ice cream shop at the beginning of the summer, which was quite eagerly visited by customers looking to cool down in high temperatures.

However, as it happens in the case of an ice cream parlor, with the end of the summer holidays, the interest decreased significantly and the man had to decide what to do next. Eventually he announced on social media that he was going out of business.

& ldquo; That would be it & hellip; 🙂🍦💸 & rdquo; & ndash; wrote on Instagram.

His mother also commented on the situation. However, Dagmara Kaźmierska surprised many people with her reaction. Instead of words of comfort, she made it clear that it was high time to do so.

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