The song of the year 2022: between controversy and winner… The recap

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The song of the year 2022: between controversy and winner... The recap

SONG OF THE YEAR. The traditional ceremony of TF1, "The song of the year", saw Amir acclaimed. by the public with his song "Rétine", Saturday, June 4, 2022.

The song of the year has rarely been talked about so much. On Saturday June 4, 2022, the traditional TF1 ceremony took place, presented by Nikos Aliagas and recorded, this year, on the Thursday and Friday preceding the evening, at ; Toulon. Friday, June 3, 15,000 people attended; filming on the beaches of Mourillon. After this evening, about twenty spectators affirmed; to have been sting victims during the event.

A security officer has been hospitalized after a suspected sting and two people were placed in custody at view, one has been released, the other indicted for "aggravated violence by weapon and by premeditation" and was placed in pre-trial detention. An investigation was carried out. entrusted to safety departmental police station of Toulon.  An investigation was carried out. entrusted to safety of the Toulon police station and analyzes were carried out. performed on eight people.

Despite this controversy, Song of the Yearhas been well broadcast on Saturday June 4, on TF1. Presented by Nikos Aliagas, the ceremony saw Amir being awarded for his song Retina. It thus succeeds Florent Pagny and Patrick Fiori, winners last year; with the song I'm going.

What winner of The song of the year ?

Saturday, June 4, 2022, popular singer Amir won the title of The Song of the Year 2022 with Retina. It has been sacred to the end of an evening marked by numerous performances, from the beaches of Mourillon to Toulon.

The list of nominees for Song of the Year

Monday, May 30, at; a few days of the big night of The song of the year, TF1 had unveiled; the list of nominees for the trophy for this 2022 edition. 13 songs were in competition:

  • A la vie que& #39;on m`ne – Jérémy Frérot
  • Best Life – Naps< /li>
  • Clic Clic Pan Pan – Yanns
  • Conquistador – Kendji Girac
  • Dodo – Tayc
  • Et Bam – Mentissa
  • The Last Day of Disco – Juliette Armanet
  • Free – Angèle
  • Mamma – Claudio Capéo
  • Outé tee – Keen'v
  • Retina – Amir
  • Suavemente – Soolking
  • You will go away – La Zarra
  • < /ul>

    Which artists were invited to? The song of the year?

    Throughout the evening, many artists performed on the stage for Song of the Year, at; namely: Amir, Angèle, Juliette Armanet, Bigflo & Oli, Claudio Capeo, Jérémy Frérot, Kendji Girac, Hyphen Hyphen, Jul en duplex, Keen'V, Kungs, La Zarra, Naps, Soolking, or even Tayc.

    How to vote at; Song of the Year ?

    The winner of Song of the Year 2022 was ; summer, as every year, designated by TF1 viewers. The public was once again able to vote throughout the grand gala evening hosted by Nikos Aliagas, from the start from the show at 9:10 p.m. and until the revelation of the name of the winner, to the end of the show, around midnight.

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