The SPVG investigates after three incidents of vehicles hit by projectiles

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The SPVG is investigating three incidents of vehicles hit by projectiles

Sunday evening, an STO driver called the police to say that his vehicle had been hit by projectiles. (File photo)

The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) is investigating a series of events involving the firing of projectiles at vehicles in the area of Aylmer, in Gatineau.

On Sunday evening, a driver from the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) called the police to report that his vehicle had been hit by projectiles at the corner of boulevard des Allumettières and rue Broad, explained the SPVG.

According to Gatineau police, a window of the vehicle was smashed, but no one was injured.

Witnesses reportedly saw people fleeing, the police said. police, who report that two similar incidents, this time targeting taxis, had already been reported to them on March 10 and 11 in the same area.

The taxis had been called to go there, but there were no customers there. Police believe it could be fake calls. There were no customers in the taxis at the time of these incidents and no one was injured.

Gatineau police assured Monday that its investigation is progressing.

The SPVG also specified that nothing indicates for the moment that these three incidents would be linked to the shots fired against an STO bus, the March 3 last.

With information from Jean-Sébastien Marier

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