The SPVM arrests 10 suspected drug and firearm traffickers

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The SPVM arrests 10 suspected narcotics and firearms traffickers

Commander Francis Renaud of the SPVM Organized Crime Division.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) has arrested a group of 10 suspected drug and drug traffickers. ;guns this morning. They are believed to have been major suppliers to the Hells Angels.

As part of the fight against armed violence, the SPVM announced that it had shut down a major organization, in the northeast of the metropolis, which bought and resold firearms to criminal organizations in Montreal.

< p class="e-p">According to the police, the criminal network carried out its activities between Toronto and Montreal, but it was controlled from the Quebec metropolis.

It's a Montreal criminal organization, whose alleged members all grew up here. The alleged leader grew up in the northeast of the city. His allegiance was always associated with his neighborhood. And he surrounded himself with trusted people who grew up with him, said Major Francis Renaud of the Organized Crime Division.

Commander Francis Renaud of the SPVM Organized Crime Division.

The group from street gangs of red allegiance managed to organize itself to such an extent that the SPVM considered it one of the major suppliers of firearms to criminal organizations in Montreal. /p>

Last June, a first series of searches carried out at various locations in Quebec and Ontario led to the seizure of eight handguns, an AR 15 type assault rifle, approximately 2 $1.1 million in cocaine, $1.3 million in cash, approximately $1.1 million in crystal meth (crystal meth) and nearly 170,000 tablets of the powerful opioids fentanyl and metonitazene.

“When we talk about an amount of $1.3 million in Canadian currency, it was only for the purpose of buying firearms and disposing of it; inventory by reselling it in Montreal.

—Francis Renaud, Commanding Officer, Organized Crime Division

The police investigation baptized AUXO by the SPVM made it possible to seize semi-automatic firearms like this assault rifle from type AR 15 intended to be resold to criminal organizations such as the Hells Angels.

The arrest warrants targeted Patrick-Olivier Gravel, 28; Maxime Renault, 36; Jean-Michel Renault, 31; Kepler Philogene, 38; Marie-Pier Archambault, 31; Sarah Majano-Blanchard, 28; Alexandre Lacasse, 37; and Jessica Nicholas, 38.

“They suspected we were on to them, but I think They were surprised to see us arrive this morning to handcuff them. »

— Francis Renaud, commander in the Organized Crime Division

Already detained in Bordeaux prison, Sami Hashemi Pour, 26, and Nicolas Monifère-Lafetière, 20, also did the subject of an arrest warrant in this SPVM interprovincial police operation, said the police chief's commander.

The suspects now face multiple charges related to drug possession and trafficking. Five of them will also be charged with possession of weapons for the purpose of trafficking.

Only the alleged leader of the group of alleged traffickers, Emmanuel Puthyra Roy, 35 years old , is actively sought by the SPVM after having fled before the arrival of the police.

“We are asking for the public's help in locating Emmanuel Puthyra Roy so he can face charges of gangsterism. »

— Francis Renaud, Commander in the Organized Crime Division

It was a challenge to be able to accuse this group of suspects of gangsterism, because their circle was limited to their friendship of; childhood. We did not skimp on the means of investigation. We used wiretapping, physical surveillance, searches carried out upstream in the investigation. We pulled out the fan, Commander Renaud added.

The alleged leader of a group of arms and narcotics traffickers, Emmanuel Puthyra Roy, 35, is actively wanted by the SPVM.

The series of arrests took place in Montreal, Laval, Mirabel, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines and even as far as Richmond Hill, in Ontario.

The SPVM is convinced of having removed from the black market a major organization that participated in arms trafficking and armed violence often practiced by gangs of street.

We know that nature abhors a vacuum when it comes to crime. We will be very attentive to the following who will want to replace them, concluded Francis Renaud, of the SPVM.

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