The SPVM wants salary increases of more than 6%

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The SPVM wants salary increases of more than 6%

Martin Prud'homme, the new deputy director general for urban security for the City of Montreal, will represent the employer party in negotiations with the fraternity.

Radio-Canada has learned that the City of Montreal and its police union had a first meeting on Tuesday to renew their collective agreement, which expired on December 31. It is in this context that the Brotherhood's demands, filed in July, were unveiled.

In a note to its members, the Brotherhood of Policemen and Policewomen indicated that 'she would demand salary increases based on the annualized inflation rate for the Montreal region, which is more than 6%.

The demands come as the City of Montreal has filed its new assessment roll and homeowners fear tax hikes as inflation hits a 39-year high.

The base salary of new police officers and the number of salary steps will also be discussed with the City of Montreal. The stated objective is to retain veterans within the police force.

Currently, the annual salary of an auxiliary police officer is $36,939 for the first 24 months following his hiring at the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

Issues related to the police workforce are addressed in the fraternity's list of demands.

The National Police School of Quebec (ENPQ) trains an average of 640 police officers per year. Rather, 690 should be trained per year just to meet the needs of the SPVM and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), not to mention the needs elsewhere in the province, estimates the board of directors of the fraternity.

During the pandemic, fewer future police officers were trained, which did not help to replenish the ranks of the various police forces.

So you will understand that the police academy is not enough to demand. Government announcements have been made to increase ENPQ cohorts. However, we still risk being short of stafffor several more years, adds the note.

The union estimates that if Montreal manages to recruit 350 police officers, only 150 will actually join the ranks because of the retirements (160) and resignations (40).

These figures have not been validated by the City.

The City plans to replace part of the fleet of vehicles used by SPVM police officers. 195 hybrid vehicles will therefore be purchased in 2023 for the needs of the SPVM. The union believes that there is a backlog to be made for the renewal of the fleet due to the pandemic which has delayed the process of acquisitions.

The SPVM fleet will be rejuvenated with the replacement of 195 new vehicles.

The increase in armed violence requires police officers to be better equipped. The latter should be equipped with new bulletproof jackets. Tests are underway to find the best jackets to replace those currently in use. The budgets have been authorized, assures the union. The new jackets, which cost $1,600 each, are expected towards the end of 2023.

The timing of negotiations has not yet been finalized. It is the new deputy director general for urban security, Martin Prud'homme, who will represent the employer party.

According to our information, the City wishes to speed up the talks. She aims to reach a tentative agreement by Christmas. The brotherhood said it was open to this possibility.

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