The staff just watched: the Poles in the Turkish hotel beat the Russians (photo)


The staff just watched: Poles vacationing in a hotel in Turkey beat Russians (photo)

It is alleged that a brawl occurred between a married couple from the Russian Federation and the Poles, who wanted to ask how they feel about the war in Ukraine.

In the resort of the Turkish city of Alanya, at the Quattro Beach Hotel, a fight broke out between Russian and Polish visitors over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, the hotel security guards silently watched what was happening and did not intervene until the police arrived. This was reported by the Russian Telegram channel Rybar.

“On July 13, in a hotel, a group of four Poles attacked a guy right in a restaurant during the day. The hotel security staff and attendants silently watched what was happening and did not intervene, despite the screams and requests of the spouses who tried to break up the fight on their own,” the report says.< /p>

Staff just watched: Poles on vacation in a hotel in Turkey beat Russians (photo)

According to the blogger, a couple from the southern regions of Russia was invited to a “friendly” conversation by a group of four Poles. After some time, guests from Poland started talking about the war in Ukraine and wanted to ask their interlocutors their attitude, but the Russians refused this conversation.

Having been refused, one of the Polish tourists allegedly began to pester the Russian woman, and after after her husband stood up for her, a fight broke out.

The police were called not by the hotel staff, who silently watched the brawl, but by other vacationers. And when the law enforcement officers arrived, they detained not the Polish guests, who had disappeared until that moment, but the Russians.

But the adventures of the Russians did not end there. When they returned from the police station, the manager asked them to leave the room, having previously signed a waiver of all claims against the establishment.

To clarify, on the eve of the travel site TripAdvisor, one of the users left a message in which he claimed that a “Russian-speaking person” was beaten before his eyes.

 The staff just watched: Poles vacationing in a hotel in Turkey beat Russians (photo)

Reviews of tourists from the Quattro Beach Hotel

Similar reports of the incident are also found in hotel reviews on Google .

“Worst resort ever! No security, in case of conflict, the staff just watch the show without calling the police, and then the management tries to cover up the problem as if nothing had happened. Shame and ignorance on all you dirty hoteliers!” – the user “maczpiku” writes.

The staff just watched: the Poles on holiday in a hotel in Turkey beat the Russians (photo)

“A terrible picture was observed: 4 Poles were beating a Russian speaker, the hotel staff simply watched what was happening. After that, you don’t feel safe here. The administration pretended that nothing happened. FedorIvv.

What did the representatives of the hotel say?

After the publicity of the situation in the media, the journalists managed to contact the representative of the Quattro Beach Spa and Resort Hotel chain Ekaterina. The girl said that the incident occurred at night near the bar.

“Several couples were drinking alcohol and talking. When the Russian returned to the table after a short absence, he noticed how one of the tourists put his hand on his wife’s shoulder. This situation, most likely, became the basis for further conflict. The citizen of the Russian Federation went to the table and hit a Pole woman on the way. She fell, and as a result, her friends started a fight with a Russian,” she said.

then the Russian began to demand that the administrator call the police. The gendarmerie officers arrived and took the guest to the station for further proceedings,” she clarified.

“The next day, the general manager of the hotel, after talking with all parties to the conflict, suggested that they stay at the hotel and try not to contact. Although in such cases tourists may be asked to leave rooms and move,” the representative summed up.


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