The star of “Sherlock Holmes” has a new romance

The star of “Sherlock Holmes” has a new romance

Martin Freeman not only fell in love again, he seems ready to build a new strong and lasting relationship. Anyway, the other day the paparazzi filmed the star of “Sherlock Holmes” and the prequel to “The Lord of the Rings” leaving the house with a new girlfriend. And with her they see him this year not for the first time.

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As evidenced by the pictures taken by the paparazzi, the new girlfriend of the actor is much younger than Freeman, who will celebrate his 50th birthday next year. Martin's girlfriend is a small, dark-skinned brunette with wildly curly hair. The most amazing thing is that, although she was first “spotted” in Freeman's company back in June, since then, reporters, despite all their efforts, have not yet managed to find out who she is.

The relationship with the mysterious girlfriend was Martin's first romance since he split from Amanda Abbington in 2016. Recall that he met Amanda 15 years ago on the set of the TV movie “Men Only”. A romantic relationship began between them, and soon Abbington moved into Freeman's house. They lived together as common-law spouses for 15 years. During this time, Amanda managed to make the actor happy with two children. Their son Joe is now 16 years old, and daughter Grace is 14. However, Freeman and Abbington did not bother to formalize their relationship. “Why would I marry Martin? I already have a lot of my photos with him, where I show off in a wedding dress – from the filming of “Sherlock” – joked Amanda, who played in the series the wife of Martin's hero – Dr. Watson. And Freeman himself, in response to persistent questions from reporters, when he will marry the mother of his children, quite sharply answered that this, like his whole personal life in general, does not concern anyone except him and his girlfriend.

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