The stars (of space and Hollywood), the second objective of Pedro Sánchez’s trip to the United States

The stars (of space and Hollywood), the second objective of Pedro Sánchez’s trip to the United States


The stars (of space and Hollywood), the second objective of Pedro Sánchez’s trip to the United States

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, yesterday made the 4,000 kilometers that separate Wall Street from Hollywood (more or less, the distance between Madrid and Baghdad) to continue today the second stage of his American business tour. A visit that today focuses on two of the most iconic institutions of the world’s leading power: NASA and Hollywood, although without forgetting a clear reference to the presence of the Spanish language in a part of the United States – California and, in general, the southwest of the country – which is, in reality, as or more Spanish than Anglo-Saxon.

The fundamental objective is to attract audiovisual productions to Spain, a strategic objective of the Government, which considers that these types of projects are great generators of jobs and, in addition, cause the birth of an auxiliary industry in fast-growing sectors, with an important technological component. and that are part of the so-called ‘creative economy’ that is growing around the world, like video games. The sector has been one of the great beneficiaries of Covid-19, which has accelerated the transition from movie theaters to television, tablets, computers and telephones. All the major production companies in the US already charge for their streaming content.

To do this, the president is going to meet with the heads of the production area of ​​the largest audiovisual companies in the world: Disney – the largest studio in Hollywood -, HBO and Warner – both belonging to the same company, AT&T, and also linked to another giant, Discovery -, Amazon, Paramount, and Apple, which produces series and video games that it distributes through its devices. The meeting was organized by the sector’s employers’ association, the Motion Pictures Association, one of the most influential ‘lobbies’ in the US. The only ‘big’ missing is Comcast, which owns Universal and the NBC television network, to one of whose brands, MSNBC, Sanchez gave an interview on Wednesday.

It is also a sector that is in full fever of mergers and acquisitions. Amazon announced in May the acquisition of Metro Goldwin Mayer for 8 billion dollars (6.8 billion euros), although it is possible that the Biden government will try to block the operation on the basis that the Jeff Bezos company already has a dominant position. in other markets, so the purchase could end up in court. A week earlier, AT&T announced in May the sale of 29% of TimeWarner, which it had bought for € 85 billion, to Discovery Communications. The next production company to be acquired could be Paramount.

The other stars – NASA’s – revolve around the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena. The Spanish president visit the facilities, where they were built and from which the space jeeps are driven Curiosity – who has been rolling on Mars for more than a decade – and Perseverance – who landed on that planet in February -. A large fleet of satellites orbiting the Earth is also directed from this center, which are mainly dedicated to monitoring sea levels, the humidity in the planet’s soils or the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere.

Although not well known, JPL plays a central role in NASA’s scientific research. It is an institution managed by the California Institute of Technology – known colloquially as Caltech ‘- one of the most important polytechnic universities in the United States. And, as its spokespersons have recalled to, it also has some relationship with Spain. On the one hand, the Curiosity and the Rover They carry Spanish instruments – MEDA and REMS, respectively – to study the Martian atmosphere. JPL also coordinates the Deep Space Network, a network of three antennas located in Madrid, Australia, and California to communicate with spacecraft beyond the Moon. At JPL, as it is known in the US, the Spanish president will meet with Spanish scientists who work there.

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