The strongest names: names of people with strong energy


April 30, 2018, 12:59 | Culture

These names have been considered the strongest since ancient times, as they endow their owners with special energy.

The strongest names: names of people from with strong energy

Perhaps you carry one of the strongest names in terms of energy. A name that gives you special character traits, that influences your destiny, that gives you strength and self-confidence. It is important to know the secret of your name in order to use your hidden potential and be more confident in yourself, informs Ukr.Media.

The strongest names endow people with nobility, openness, justice, courage, strength, and an inner impulse to do something. These are the names of winners, energetically strong personalities, people with an inner core.

Names that endow their owners with strong energy:

< u>Alexander – translated as "protector of people", a brave, strong, optimistic and impulsive person.

Eugenia – from ancient Greek "noble", strong, passionate, intellectually developed personality.

Volodymyr – translated as “lord of the world”, “owns the world”, a warrior, a leader by nature, a strong man.

Inna – from the Latin “turbulent flow”, a temperamental, changeable, strong, honest woman.

Danilo – translated as “my judge”, strong, balanced, with an analytical mindset .

Karina– from the Latin “ruler of the ship”, a bright personality, generous, with strong inner energy.

Mark – from the Latin “hammer”, strong, dominant, winner.

Mark – from the Latin “hammer”, strong, dominant, winner. p>

Marta – translated as "teacher, lady", purposeful, stable, steady, calm.

Gleb – from the Old Norse " “favorite of the gods”, strong in spirit, persistent and self-confident.

Regina – from the Latin “queen, queen”, active, hardy, hardworking, with bright energy.< /p>

Maxim– from Latin "greatest", the name gives strength of spirit, courage, reliability of this person.

Tetiana – from Greek "organizer who sets the rules", emotional, sociable, likes order.

Vsevolod – from the Slavic word “owns everything and everyone”, a balanced, open, sociable, strong man.

Elvira – from the ancient Germanic “protector of people”, a kind, honest, prudent person with strong energy.

Nazar– from Arabic “far-sighted”, strong, bright, controversial, warlike soul.

Yaroslava – from Slavic “bright glory”, cheerful, bright, talented , a strong-minded person.

Arseny – translated as “courageous”, the name gives a lot of inner energy, a responsible and soulful person.

Aleksii – from the Greek “protector”, a strong, strong-willed person with a developed intuition.

Taisia– from Latin "fertile", proud, independent, impregnable, prudent.

Bogdan – "given by God", calm, reserved, self-confident, strong-willed.


Maya – translated as “goddess of fertility”, emotional, energetically strong, capable of charging others with her energy.

Ostap u> – the name is translated from Greek as “firm”, “steady”, a leader, self-confident, an optimist with strong energy.

Kira– ancient Greek “lady, mistress”, practical, strict, compassionate, with a strong character and great inner energy.

Orest – from the Greek “mountain”, strong, courageous, purposeful, stubborn man.

Iryna – from the ancient Greek "peace", confident, independent, purposeful, successful, strong personality.

Stanislav – the Slavic name “the most glorious”, an active, proactive, strong-spirited man.

Zoya – from the ancient Greek “life” , reliable, stable, self-confident, soulful, has inner stability and strength.

Victor – from the Latin "winner", optimist, leader, patient, intelligent, calm man .

Eva – from the ancient Hebrew “alive, life itself”, the first female name, self-confident, with a strong will and sensuality, an independent nature.

Ruslan – translated from the Turkic “lion”, a real fighter, strong-willed person truth, an open person.


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