The Superior Court authorizes Longueuil to kill deer in Michel-Chartrand Park

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The Superior Court authorizes Longueuil to kill deer in Michel-Chartrand Park

A controlled crossbow hunt will be organized this fall to reduce the deer population.

Sauvetage Animal Rescue is considering appealing the judgment.< /p>

After many twists and turns, the Superior Court finally allows the slaughter of deer in Michel-Chartrand Park, in Longueuil, a procedure that was challenged in court by animal rights defenders.

Following the court decision handed down on Wednesday, the City of Longueuil has announced that it is maintaining its timetable for the deer herd reduction operation at Michel-Chartrand Park.

A crossbow hunt will therefore be organized in the fall in order to solve the problem of overpopulation which is harming the park's ecosystem. The intensive browsing of deer contributes to the ecological degradation of this green space, indicates the court decision citing a report from the City.

For its part, the organization Sauvetage Animal Rescue , represented by lawyer Anne-France Goldwater, plans to appeal the judgment, indicates the latter.

Citizens unhappy with the fate reserved for deer also launched an online petition this summer titled sterilize, care for, and relocate our Longueuil white-tailed deer, which garnered more than 2,700 signatures.

The livestock listed in the park is seriously overcrowded. Its size has tripled since 2017, while the area of ​​the site, 1.8 km2, can only accommodate 10 to 15 deer. They would currently be more than a hundred, summarize the court documents.

The organization Sauvetage Animal Rescue and a resident of Longueuil, Florence Meney, criticize the City of Longueuil for wanting to resort to a lethal method to reduce the size of the herd while other less drastic measures, such as the capture and relocation of animals, would be possible.

According to the court ruling, however, the legality of the capture of the deer has not been established, disqualifying it as a valid alternative.< /p>

Another rejection mentioned in the court document, the general dissatisfaction with the municipal decision-making process of the plaintiffs, inadmissible in the eyes of Judge Garin.

“The Plaintiffs' complaints about the procedure followed are more like a general dissatisfaction with the municipal decision-making process than a legal remedy likely to succeed. »

— Excerpt from the decision of the Superior Court of Quebec

In June, the City of Longueuil temporarily suspended the euthanasia of some 70 deer scheduled for the fall, the time to hold a debate in court.

A month later, Longueuil announced that it was resorting to crossbow hunting and, a few weeks later, received the permit from the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec authorizing controlled crossbow hunting of more than 100 deer.

Initially, however, the municipal strategy was to capture and euthanize some 70 deer in January or February 2022, before the calving period in the spring. However, technical problems limiting the effectiveness of the operation had led to its postponement until the fall.

The new complete intervention plan, with the dates of closure of the park, will be communicated to the population soon, before the start of the hunting periods, indicated the City.

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