The swindler pretended to be a nun to escape punishment

Мошенница притворялась монашкой, чтобы избежать наказания

A citizen of Italy for two years pretended to be a nun in order to evade arrest, writes The Guardian.

According to the publication, the 47-year-old woman was convicted of fraud in the court of Sicily in 2017. Then its sentenced to two years in prison. Besides this permit has been issued for her arrest, but the Italian disappeared from the island.

As told by nuns of a monastery, they asked, “sister, seeking help and claiming that she is seriously ill”. Later in another Church said that the fraud they have introduced the niece of one of them. Others said that she just called herself a nun and never graced its history. In one of the monasteries said that she even pretended to be an older mother is the head of a religious community of women.

The woman managed to catch due to the fact that the nun from the Benedictine monastery in Gallarate, province of Varese, in Lombardy, began to suspect that she is not who he says he is and called the police. When pseudo-nuns began to ask about the past, it turned out that the woman has stolen the identity card. It was then revealed that she had been previously convicted with fraud.

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