The Tax Office is happy to browse our bank accounts. What the tax office is looking for there

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The media circulated information about the control of bank accounts, which is arranged by the Tax Office.

Office The tax office readily browses our bank accounts. What the tax office is looking for there

It is no secret that in July this year regulations were introduced allowing the tax office to check their bank accounts by the tax office at the moment of the start of the so-called preparatory proceedings.

We do not even know that our account is checked by the Tax Office

The Tax Office no longer has to wait with it until an individual hears a specific allegation. As reported by “Super Express”, the first citizens have already been screened in such a way by the Tax Office.

According to media reports, many heads of the Tax Office submitted a total of 33 requests to the bank for access. It happened on the basis of article 48 of the Act on the National Revenue Administration. This information shows that in two months more than 30 entities or persons were x-rayed.

Many inhabitants of Poland have long learned about the impact on our safety and quality of life the introduction by the government of the so-called Polish order. As it turns out, one of its elements is not informing the owner of the bank account that it is subject to tax control.

The information provided to the media by the manager of the tax office Crido Magdalena PieĊ›lak is very worrying – The taxpayer is not even informed about the initiation of proceedings “in the case”. Certainly, the protection of citizens' privacy is impaired as a result of the discussed changes – he explains.

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