The team of the series Fortress stopped working with actors from the Russian Federation


The team of the Krepostnaya series stopped cooperating with actors from the Russian Federation

The film crew of the popular Ukrainian television series decided to change Russian actors.

In connection with the large-scale war, the Krepostnaya project team decided to break off cooperation with Russian actors and abandon the Russian language. This was announced by the screenwriter and creative producer of the series Tala Prystaetskaya on Facebook.

According to her, Poland is currently filming the fourth season of the series, in which the main role of Tatyana Ratnikova will be played by an understudy.

” Given the huge amount of very different information regarding the fourth season of Krepostnoy, it seems important to me now to convey the following: there is not a single actor-citizen of the Russian Federation in the pre-shooting of the fourth season of Krepostnoy, which is now taking place in Poland,” Tala Prystaetskaya said.

At the same time, the series will be dubbed in Ukrainian to be shown in all territories.

She also noted that not a single member of the film crew has the slightest doubt that the Russian Federation is a terrorist country.

Earlier it was reported that actress Natalya Denisenko decided to continue acting in the TV series Krіposna, where Russian actors also play.


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