The technological sector already represents 10% of the wealth of Catalonia

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The technology sector already represents 10% of the wealth of Catalonia

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The tech sectorCatalan is experiencing a period of robustness. This 2022, the turnover of the ICT industry has continued to grow and its turnover already exceeds 23,000 million euros, which represents between 9.5% and 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Catalonia. like this It emerges from the Baròmeter of the technological sector 2022 presented this Wednesday by the Cercle Tecnològic.

The Catalan technology market thus consolidates A decade of growth has been maintained over the past few months. The industry anticipates closed the year with a total of 17,000 companies and more than 120,800 workers, 50% and 57% more respectively than in 2012. The < strong>jobsthey have seen a recovery after the fall produced last year and remain on a growing trend that is close to 129,000 registered employees in 2020, the best historical figures. The 2021 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) ranked 2021. This made Catalonia the fifth most digitized region in Europe.

There is a lack of professionals

However, ICT growth in Catalonia could be much greater if companies could access a greater number of professionals. The lack of talent is therefore one of the main concerns of the sector. 80.8% of the companies that have participated in the survey believe that hiring qualified personnel would allow them to increase their turnover. 28.7 believe that, with more workers, their income would skyrocket by up to 20%. “The digital transformation of companies is going faster than the ability to generate talent”, has indicated Joan Ramon Barrera, president of the Cercle Tecnològic.

“ICTs must be a springboard to boost all other sectors of the economy”< /p>

Liliana Arroyo, general director of Societat Digital del Departament d’Empresa i Traball

To try to reverse this situation and boost the national economy, the Generalitat de Catalunya intends to train up to 100,000 people in the next three years. “ICTs must be a springboard to boost all the other sectors of the economy”, pointed out Liliana Arroyo, general director of Societat Digital del Departament d’Empresa i Treball, who has highlighted the lack of parity among professionals in the sector. The professions most in demand by Catalan technology companies are web developers, experts in cybersecurity, in business intelligence, in 'Big Data' and in cloud computing.

The Barometer also makes it clear that the technology sector in Catalonia “is not being affected” by the wave of layoffs that has hit US industry giants such as Meta , Amazon , >Twitter or Tesla. Thus, 55.1% of Catalan companies anticipate this. Hire more workers in 2023, of which 11% believe they will have to. It will increase its staff by more than 20%.

In addition to attracting talent, another major challenge for the Catalan technology sector is to retain it. To achieve this end, the Cercle Tecnològic urges companies to “have an attractive project and purpose” for employees, beyond what they want. of their salaries.

Uncomfort with the impact of European funds

The report, in which a total of 1,254 companies in the country have participated, points out the discontent with the European funds Next Generation EU, activated to digitize the administration public and accelerate the technology sector. The Catalan sector has scored this way. Its impact was only 4.3 out of 10. 47.2% of those surveyed companies are interested in it. in disagreement with the result of the aid and 21.1% declare that the benefit has been nil. “There is some frustration because the aid has not been channeled, but we are confident that 2023 will be the year in which that will be reversed,” added Barrera.

The 14th edition The report prepared by the Cercle Tecnològic has been possible thanks to the participation of a total of 1,254 companies, a record number that allows for a more accurate and reliable x-ray of the digital economy. Catalan.