The telegram discusses the alleged meeting between Pavel Durov and Kristina Potupchik and his interest in the popular Russian social network


    The proposed meeting between Pavel Durov and Kristina Potupchik and his interest in the popular Russian social network are being discussed in a telegram

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    The telegram channels are discussing Pavel Durov again. According to the anonymous channel “Nebozhena”, the billionaire and founder of Telegram, who has lived in Dubai for a long time, is again interested in doing business in Russia. Allegedly, Semyon Tenyaev, the founder of the TenСhat social network, which he himself calls a mix of Facebook*, LinkedIn and WeChat, flew to the UAE. The channel assumes that the visit is not accidental and entrepreneurs could meet.

    Pavel Durov has long dreamed of digging up the VKontakte that was taken from him. Putting two and two together, plus a little inside — and it turns out that TenChat is becoming a tasty morsel for Durov. Especially in a world where money is plentiful and depreciating,

    — wrote in Nebozhene.

    TenСhat was launched in the fall of 2021, and the application is developing quite quickly, recording a large increase in new users over this period, even without active advertising.

    The anonymous telegram channel “Heroine Tatler” shared another insider. The channel published a video, which, as noted, was sent by subscribers.

    In Paris, a man who looked like Pavel Durov met a man who looked like Kristina Potupchik,

    — signed the video.

    Tupper — well-known media manager, political and public figure. The Proekt** publication stated that Potupchik is one of the Kremlin's main contractors for working with social networks and instant messengers.

    The conversation of the people captured on the video is not heard. There is no official confirmation of the alleged meetings of Pavel Durov yet.

    Durov himself leads a very closed life and almost does not publish on social networks. His rare appearances on Instagram* usually immediately become events and generate memes.

    *Owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization in the Russian Federation

    ** Declared an undesirable organization by the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia, Project Editor-in-Chief Roman Badanin is listed as a media outlet acting as a foreign agent


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