The telegram discusses the opening in Russia of analogues of the Soviet “Birches” – duty free shops only for diplomats


    Opening in Russia analogues of the Soviet Beryozki — duty free shops only for diplomats

    In Russia, duty free shops for foreign diplomats will be opened and employees of international organizations. The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the creation of such outlets dated July 26, 2022 No. 1330 was published on July 27 on the portal of regulatory legal acts of the government. It will enter into force on August 27.

    It will be possible to pay for goods both in rubles and in foreign currency (US dollars and euros). The assortment will include alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, confectionery, smartphones, watches — in general, products placed under the duty-free customs procedure.

    In Telegram, the new network has already been compared with the Soviet “Birch” — a store where they sold food and consumer goods for foreign currency to foreigners and Soviet foreign workers (they paid with special certificates and checks of Vneshposyltorg and Vneshtorgbank). It is not yet clear what the new stores will be called.

    As follows from the document, these stores will open in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Only a Russian company can become their owner.

    Only diplomatic personnel (ambassadors, envoys, advisers, trade representatives, secretaries, attaches) and members of their families, consular officials and relatives living with them, employees of state missions to international organizations, personnel of international organizations or their representative offices will be able to make purchases in new stores located in Russia. When buying, you will need to present a document confirming the position and accreditation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The idea of ​​opening special stores for diplomats is not new. Back in Soviet times, my acquaintances worked abroad, and there were shops for diplomats that offered certain discounts. These outlets allow diplomats to freely buy goods that they cannot import or buy in the host country,

    — Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, commented on the innovation for the Parliamentary Newspaper. He also added that for the country in which such duty frees are located, they become an additional source of obtaining currency.

    The news was also discussed in telegram channels.

    The revival of Beryozka stores so far looks ahead of reality. But, apparently, this is only for now,

    — wrote in an anonymous channel “Heroine Tatler”.

    Is this definitely not

    — wrote the publicist Mikhail Shakhnazarov, referring to the well-known site of parody news.

    Torgsin or “Birch”?

    — wrote Kristina Potupchik.

    Whose “bright” head came up with this monstrous idea to open “Beryozka” stores? And most importantly, why?

    — wrote actress and screenwriter Larisa Bravitskaya.

    Start an analogue of “Birches” now, trade for foreigners — it's strong, of course. It is difficult to overestimate the propaganda effect, as they used to say in those days when there was a rolling ball in stores, and units were “shopped” in Beryozki. The symbol of the decomposition of the elite in the USSR — these very “Birches”,

    — journalist Natalia Oss wrote.

    The initiative may be related to the lack of currency in the country. After the imposition of sanctions, the foreign currency reserves of the state were frozen, because of this, gas trade was also transferred to payment in rubles, and the Central Bank introduced certain restrictions on the withdrawal of currency from the accounts of individuals. This led to the depreciation of the dollar and the strengthening of the ruble. In addition, there is a danger of blocking exchange trading if sanctions are imposed against the National Clearing Center and Moscow Exchange. At the end of July, the Bank of Russia discussed with foreign exchange market participants how to determine the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar and the euro in this case.


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