The telegram discusses the proposal of deputies to dismiss Urgant, Vasiliev and Molochnikov for “anti-Russian activities”


    Deputies' proposal to dismiss Urgant, Vasiliev and Molochnikov for

    Alexander Vasiliev

    In the telegram, they discuss the group for the investigation of anti-Russian activities in the field of culture (GRAD) — a new association, which included State Duma deputies, including Sergei Mironov, Zakhar Prilepin, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Nikolai Burlyaev and Dmitry Pevtsov.

    The first meeting took place on August 3, and the group has already begun to form a list of cultural figures — “agents of foreign influence” and a list of “officials and top managers who support such agents.” Among the first initiatives — an appeal to the leadership of the Bolshoi Theater and Channel One with a request to “influence” director Alexander Molochnikov and TV presenters Ivan Urgant and Alexander Vasiliev (all three spoke negatively about the special operation).

    If this influence is not successful, it is proposed to dismiss them. At the same time, for example, Urgant is listed as an “agent”, and the general director of Channel One & nbsp; Konstantin Ernst — as his “accomplice”, director Alexander Molochnikov — as “agent”, director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin — as an “accomplice”.

    The reason for the appeal was the position of celebrities on the special operation in Ukraine. As the authors of the project note, these persons can be excluded from these lists “by actively supporting the civilian population and the People's Militia of the LPR and DPR, as well as the Russian Armed Forces.”

    In his Telegram channel, Prilepin also said that the Evening Urgant program, which stopped airing after the start of the special operation, could return: he was told that Urgant was recording leads for the show in Ostankino.

    < p>The telegram discusses the proposal of the deputies to dismiss Urgant, Vasiliev and Molochnikov for

    Activists also ask the Ministry of Sports to investigate the circumstances of the invitation of the Bi-2 group to play at the Russian Football Super Cup.

    Have you heard of McCarthyism? Get McCarthyism in Russian — we are talking about the newly created group for the investigation of anti-Russian activities in the field of culture (GRAD). It includes the notorious Sergey Mironov, Zakhar Prilepin and Gennady Semigin. Yesterday the first meeting was held, where the goals of the group were outlined,

    — commented on the news in the Antiglyanets channel.

    Even the fact that Mironov and Prilepin gathered their GRAD in the State Duma building, fortunately, does not give this circle of interests additional significance. In this case, it will be important not what they said there, but who will listen to them. Will these “our Soviet McCarthyists” get a real mandate to knock on the door to Molochnikov, Urgant and the rest. The heroine, of course, hopes they won't,

    — wrote in the channel “Heroine of Tatler”.

    Among the main goals of the GRAD — draw the attention of supervisory authorities to the facts of support by government officials and state-owned companies of those cultural figures who take a “hostile position regarding actions to strengthen the sovereignty and state interests of Russia.”

    The authors of the project themselves note that they will not organize a “hunt” on witches” among creative personalities, and first of all, “cleansing” should be carried out in the ranks of officials and managers.


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