The thaw plays the spoilsport for some winter sports enthusiasts in Quebec

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The thaw is spoilsport for some winter sports enthusiasts in Quebec

Outdoor skating rinks are impassable in the south of the province (archives).

The mild temperatures of the past few days have thwarted the plans of winter sports and recreation enthusiasts across the province. If the thaw made the happiness of skiers and snowboarders, it is different for fans of certain outdoor activities, especially in southern Quebec, where outdoor skating rinks are impracticable.

In an interview Wednesday at Tout un matin, Stéphane Kirouac, founder and administrator of the Facebook group Building an outdoor skating rink, it's easy!, evokes a disaster.

For Mr. Kirouac, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it is more and more difficult to skate […] Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we do not. According to him, the ideal temperatures for skating are around -10 degrees so that the ground has time to freeze too.

Outdoor ice is impassable in Sherbrooke due to mild weather.

We must also think about maintaining the ice rink. If there is snow, you have to remove it and add a few centimeters of water at a time […] it takes a little planning and listening to the short and medium term weather forecast.

Mr. Kirouac, however, is optimistic. You have to be patient and wait for the winning conditions, he thinks. We still end up with two months to two and a half months of winter. It's really worth the effort. “It's a matter of a few days and we can skate.

It's not just in the south of the province that the mild weather is causing inconvenience to outdoor activity enthusiasts.

Volunteers prepare the modules and jumps of the Mont-Vidéo snow park.

Since Christmas, the weather has been far from favorable for skiers. Only one out of five resorts was open in the greater Quebec City region at the start of the holiday season.

Snow fell in abundance on the Massif de Charlevoix. An accumulation of some 40 cm has been reported at the top of the mountain in 36 hours, rendering 60% of the ski area impassable.

Opening of the Resort's Ice Hotel Valcartier was postponed. It was supposed to start this Wednesday.

In Abitibi-Témiscamingue, last Friday's rain and mild weather put a smile on the face of skiers and snowboarders, but it didn't make the delight for lovers of certain outdoor activities.

The rain of December 30 delayed the opening of certain trails and led to the closure of the trails in the undergrowth of Mont-Vidéo, in Barraute, and at the Center plein air Kanasuta, in Rouyn-Noranda. But that didn't stop downhill skiers and snowboarders from taking advantage of the mild temperatures to hit the slopes.

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