The thieves beg the detective to take back the item they stole. Why they got so scared


Nothing is more imprudent than stealing something that cannot be sold …

 The thieves are begging the detective to take back the item they stole. Why were they so scared

A reliquary containing two lead vials inside, which themselves contained a few drops of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, returned a month and a half after a sacrilegious act committed in the abbey church in F & eacute; camp on the night of 1-2 June 2022 .

Are the thieves scared of the curse?

The holy relic was unexpectedly recovered by the famous Dutch art detective, Arthur Brand. The 52-year-old has earned the nickname “Indiana Jones of the art world”, which is a well-deserved title. He is mainly known for the discovery of Picasso's painting, Oscar Wilde's ring and the famous life-size bronze of Hitler's Horses.

The detective reported that the robbers confessed to him that they were afraid of curses that would bring them back. on himself, hiding the stolen blood of Christ. But the reality could be much more ordinary.

The detective's job actually begins a few days after the robbery, when he receives an e-mail from an unknown sender that ensures that he is in possession of the stolen goods. & ldquo; This person approached me on behalf of another person from where the stolen relics were stored & rdquo; & ndash; tells Arthur Brand.

Having the last relic, the blood of Jesus in your home, stolen is a curse on the & rdquo ;. And, in particular, which seems decisive when the thieves realized that what they had stolen was “unsold”. relics, understood that they had to get rid of them & ndash; he adds. In an e-mail, written in Dutch, the detective was begged to take the stolen goods, as returning them to the abbey would be too insane.

And this is what it was said: Urgent warning from the returned friar Maciej. He revealed what will happen in the coming years. & ldquo; This is happening gradually & rdquo ;. What's going on

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