The thinking of women that distinguishes the poor from the rich – check if you think the same way


August 23, 2021, 11:40 | Business

Some thoughts literally scream that your financial situation is bad!

Thinking of women that distinguishes the poor from the rich — check if you don't think the same way

A poor woman is distinguished from a rich woman not only by the amount in the account, but also by the way of thinking, informs Ukr.Media.

Looking for excuses and reasons

The poor woman cannot simply admit her mistake and start working on its correction. She will say that she does not have the time and energy, will start looking for excuses that the conditions are too difficult for her now, that now is not the time. But in fact, with all this, she is simply trying to remove responsibility from herself.

Constantly complains about life and feels sorry for herself

A woman who does not think how rich she is, believes that all her troubles are the fault of the environment – the government, parents , a man She constantly complains about her difficult fate.

But the saddest thing is that with such a position in life, she will not be able to become not only rich, but also happy.

Afraid to take risks

The poor woman is constantly thinking and weighing, but never dares to take a step. For her, this is a path into the abyss and the unknown, she is not ready for this. And so she will find thousands of reasons, starting from a bad day according to the Chinese horoscope to a lack of strength to just sit still and do nothing.

Looks for ways to get something for free

A poor woman is always trying to save. The most greedy thing for her is to get something for free, even if she does not need it.

At the same time, she spends money for the approval or admiration of other people, buying, for example, a new phone model, the cost of which does not fit into her monthly budget.

Wastes time

A poor woman spends her free time not on learning English or writing a business plan for her own startup She watches TV series, takes breaks from work for tea, smoke breaks, and spends hours on the phone. At the same time, she does not like to study and believes that she already knows everything. Should we say that she does not set a goal at all, but acts all her life “randomly''.


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