The third link continues to haunt the CAQ | Elections Quebec 2022

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The third link continues to haunt the CAQ | Élections Quebec 2022

The head of the CAQ, François Legault, presented his plan to improve access to nature and the water, which notably provides for the creation of three new national parks.

On the 21st day of the election campaign, the leader of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), François Legault, once again had to respond to the salvo of criticism linked to the absence of a finalized study to support the project. four-lane tunnel between Quebec and Lévis.

Even the general study of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) of 2019, which cost $115,000 in public funds, and which deals with the impacts of major infrastructure projects on land use planning, remains inaccessible.

This is a study that has nothing to do with the project that is on the table, said François Legault on the sidelines of a press conference on Saturday on his proposal to create three new national parks. He added that the study was carried out before the pandemic and therefore did not take into account the increase in the number of people working from home.

The third link project has evolved since the studies were launched. After discussing a project for a six-lane link between the two shores east of Quebec City, the government is now working on a downtown to downtown link with four lanes in a twin-tube tunnel. But the ENAP study is general, several journalists said on Saturday.

“When the study is completed, in early 2023, we will publish it. »

— François Legault, head of the CAQ

The third link proposed by the CAQ will consist of a twin-tube tunnel.

Not enough to satiate the opposition.

According to the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), Dominique Anglade, this issue is a huge ball. But it is above all a reflection of François Legault's way of managing: lack of transparency, doing things on the corner of the table, announcing things that will not be done in the end.

If elected, the PLQ is counting on the tramway to connect Quebec and Lévis, but has not advanced on its route or on the mode of infrastructure that would support it to cross the river.

Concerning the CAQ project, drilling is already underway to assess the technical feasibility of the $6.5 billion tunnel that would pass under the St. Lawrence River.

He has already started the project, even before having studies on the relevance of the project, it is embarrassing, lamented the co-spokesperson of Quebec solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

Regarding the lack of a finalized study to support the CAQ project, the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ) was scathing.

“This is a government that was four years old. Then they always arrived with eight-page documents, stapled at the last minute […] We spent 28 million dollars behind that, and we still don't know what it is. »

— Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the PQ

In this context of lack of data, what are the proposals of the opposition parties worth? They cannot be put in the same basket as that of the CAQ, because they did not benefit from the support of a project office and the government machine, summarized the PQ leader.

For his part, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Éric Duhaime, calls for the publication of all studies, even if they are old and not necessarily linked to the current project .

We are in favor of a bridge east of Quebec as it has been in the cards for 60 years. On this, there are studies and it is these studies that we would like to see. Maybe these studies are talking about the tunnel and explaining why it's not viable, a tunnel, Chief Duhaime said during an announcement to raise the speed limit to 120 km/h on highways. .

It's the biggest investment in the history of the Quebec region and Mr. Legault is acting as an amateur right now, and on top of that, he's lying to the population, added Mr. Duhaime.

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