The thirtieth day of the campaign in Estrie | Elections Quebec 2022

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The thirtieth day of the campaign in Estrie | Élections Quebec 2022

In Sherbrooke, some voters were directed to the wrong address by Elections Quebec.

Advance voting ended Monday, and was popular in Estrie. It was also an opportunity for candidates to reiterate their commitments, and to invite voters to go to the polls.

The popularity of advance voting has made so that waiting times were reported in Magog.

In Sherbrooke, voters were directed to the wrong address by Élections Québec. No other event has been reported.

On this thirtieth day of the election campaign, the candidate for Québec solidaire in Granby, Anne-Sophie Legault, unveiled her commitments.

In particular, she intends to look into the water quality of the Yamaska ​​River, and underlined her commitment to supporting the university hub project in Granby. It is also committed to modernizing the Palace of Granby.

There are even artists who now refuse to come to Granby to perform, because the premises and the dressing rooms behind are obsolete. It's a shame that we get stuck in culture because our room is no longer adequate, she underlines.

The candidate in Orford for the Liberal Party of Quebec, Vicki-May Hamm, meanwhile called the press to take stock of her campaign.

The candidate recalled all her commitments, including her support for the CPE project in Orford and her commitment to affordable housing. Vicki May-Hamm also wanted to put her experience in politics forward and pointed out that in her opinion, the incumbent, Gilles Bélanger, failed to represent the voters well. She believes that he would have been absent and unresponsive to the needs of the municipalities.

In addition, Vicki-May Hamm believes in her chances of success. She believes that this is why the CAQ seems to have invested a lot of time in Orford.

She says she is ready to work with the other MNAs, including those of QS, put aside partisanship to make gains in the region.

In Sherbrooke, the solidarity candidate in Saint-François, Mélissa Généreux, has pledged to become an ally of the municipalities that lack funding to promote active transportation. We are committed to paying more money to municipalities, and giving them more power to decide how we want to develop our bike paths, she says.

Now that advance voting is over, there is one week of election campaign left before the polls close on October 3.

With information from Thomas Deshaies.

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