The topic of doctors dissatisfied with their earnings returns. What amount would make them happy


The topic of compensation for medics was very controversial, especially during a lucrative pandemic.

The topic of doctors dissatisfied with their earnings returns. What amount would make them happy? have also gone up. From month to month, sky-high amounts were transferred to the accounts of medical workers, whether or not they were entitled to the allowance. </p>
<h2> They made a fortune for running telepaths. Gross 23 thousand for contract contracts is not enough, 7 thousand increase is “derogatory” </h2>
<p>Many medical facilities have been screened by a dedicated Verification Commission and it has been found that the directors of many hospitals have committed numerous breaches regarding the granting of allowances during the pandemic. </p>
<p>Allowance applicants have in no way been verified, making the period designated by the government as pandemic a very lucrative world medical worker. Now, when the rulers temporarily postponed announcing new waves of disease, the faucet with money paid for connecting people to a respirator, contact with a supposedly infected person, or administering to people a preparation was also turned off. </p>
<p> That is why many doctors, mainly specialists, are currently dissatisfied with their earnings. As it turns out, according to the calculations of experts, after the changes introduced by the government, nurses after their master's degree, with all the allowances and overtime, are able to earn more than a specialist doctor – specialist is lower than nurses with a master's degree and specialization. In the adopted pay scale, a specialist nurse in the basic workplace obtains salaries higher than that of a specialist doctor. </em> – we read in a letter from the Presidium of the Medical Council. earned more than they did. </p>
<p> What do you think? </p></p>

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