The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail drop Dilbert in turn

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The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail drop Dilbert in turn

Several media dropped the “Dilbert” comic strip after its creator, Scott Adams, made comments deemed racist.

Like several media Americans, two of Canada's largest daily newspapers have dumped the Dilbert comic strip following recent remarks by its creator that it deemed “discriminatory” and “racist”.

The Toronto Starposted a note on Monday saying the comic will no longer appear in its weekend section, because “recent racist comments by cartoonist Scott Adams do not meet Star< journalistic standards." /em>”.

On Sunday, the Globe and Mail tweeted that they would no longer publish the comic due to recent comments Adams' discrimination.

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The Globe asserts that while it respects and encourages free speech, Adams' views do not align with [his] editorial or business values ​​as a journalist. x27;organization.

Several US media also dropped the comic and denounced Scott Adams for comments deemed racist, hateful or discriminatory last week. The cartoonist's distributor, Andrews McMeel Universal, also dropped him.

In an episode of the YouTube show Real Coffee with Scott Adams, the artist, who is white, described black people as part of a hate group that white people should stay away from.

< em>Dilbert is a comic book that has been poking fun at office and corporate culture since 1989.

Media is abandoning Dilbert to the continuation of discriminatory remarks by its creator

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