The track of the Ukrainian performer will appear in the Netflix film: how often Ukrainian songs are heard in American cinema


Netflix streaming service took a track by Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona for their film. This is not the first time that Ukrainian music has entered the world cinema, according to “Focus”.

The track of the Ukrainian performer will appear in the Netflix film: how often Ukrainian songs are heard in American cinema

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Because of the war, many Ukrainian stars live abroad: Potap and Nastya, Monatik, Jerry Heil and alyona alyona, Dorofeeva, “Skazka”. So in Europe, Ukrainian music began to be heard more and more often. And because of the world's keen curiosity for the country, this music is beginning to be noticed by the world monsters of the entertainment industry.

The joint track of alyona alyona and French DJ Vladimir Cauchemar called Dancer will appear in the French melodrama about schoolchildren &#8220 ;Dangerous Liaisons” produced by Netflix.

The duet track alyona alyona and Vladimir Cauchemar sounds in English and Ukrainian. It was recorded a year ago, but only now it became known that he got into the film “Dangerous Liaisons” – about the tight tangle of different romantic loves among high school students. Young people are dancing in the disco to the incendiary track Dancer.

“This little snippet is a great honor for me. Now it is especially important to promote Ukrainian music in the world, the ethnics of the country, our cultural code. And therefore, the Ukrainian track and also the Ukrainian language on a platform like Netflix is ​​already a victory. Today we sound in a fragment, tomorrow we will write the main soundtracks for top movies”, – commented on the news alyona alyona in her blog.

Ukrainian songs in American films

Verka Serduchka's hit Dancing Lasha Tumbai got into the Hollywood comedy “Spy”(2015): just during the performance of the Ukrainian star, Jason Statham himself passes by her.

Of course, this story is the result of the fact that Verka Serduchka took second place with this song at “Eurovision-2007” and the image of the star guide has gained international popularity.

In the third season of the legendary American crime series “Fargo” (2017) with Ewan McGregor the track “Sho z-pіd oak” Ukrainian ethno-chaos group “Dakha Brakha” – in the episode when the hero of the British actor David Thewlis ironically talks to the “dull” parking attendant. The scene required “Ukrainian” note.

Why “Dakha Brahu”? This ethno-house band has often toured in Europe and has participated in many ethno-festivals around the world, so it enjoys international popularity.


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