The tradition continues … online

The tradition continues … online

The tradition continues … online

Marie Michèle Desrosiers has given hundreds of Christmas concerts over the past 25 years. But never ever the singer would have imagined one day having to perform in front of an empty room due to a global pandemic. “It’s completely surreal … but we have to be resourceful. People need holiday shows, especially this year, ”she says.

Many Quebecers find the voice of Marie Michèle Desrosiers inseparable from the holiday celebrations.

The tradition, first established with the launch of a first Christmas album with the Czech Symphony Orchestra in 1996, has continued year after year. The singer then consolidated it at the turn of the millennium with a new opus, this time in the company of the Red Army Choir.

Since then, she has been loyal to the post, every year, to offer her Christmas tunes on stages across the province. She was an exception for a year … and she regretted it.

“I launched an album in the fall, so we decided not to do a Christmas show so as not to confuse people. Right after the holidays, I told my team that I would never skip a year again, ”she recalls, laughing.

Well surrounded

Thing said, thing due. And it was not a pandemic that was going to prevent him from taking the microphone on the holiday season. This is how she joined Annie Villeneuve, Michaël Girard, Marie Denise Pelletier, Michel Louvain and Yves Lambert for the initiative Christmas a tradition in song, presented for the first time in virtual format this year.

Of course, the singer does not hide it, she has long hoped to be able to present this show in front of very alive spectators. Performances were also planned in Sherbrooke, among others, before the city fell into the red zone.

“We couldn’t cancel everything. The year has been so difficult for everyone, we need a little happiness, warmth, hope … Anything we can do to give it to them, we have to do it ” , advances Marie Michèle Desrosiers.

Now available as a webcast, the concert offers a variety of holiday essentials, served solo, in duo or in groups. Examples ? Small Santa, In our old houses, My Christmas Tree and others 23 december rub shoulders with Hallelujah and others The Prayer for almost an hour and a half.

The magic happens

And the atmosphere, with all that? Without an audience, one would think that the magic of Christmas would be more difficult to create. Marie Michèle Desrosiers’ fears on this subject quickly dissipated.

“We wondered if it was going to be different. But as soon as the cameras turned on, we felt the magic happen. We were all so happy to be together, on stage, to sing … It was communicative, ”she says.

The show Christmas a tradition in song is accessible on until January 7.

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