The trailer for the Ukrainian military action Sniper has been released. White Raven


Trailer for Ukrainian military action Sniper. White Raven released

Ukrainian sniper wants to avenge the death of his friend, thereby he must find and eliminate the Russian professional sniper.

A trailer for the Ukrainian military action Sniper has appeared online. The White Raven, which is based on real events, directed by Marian Bushan. The video was published on Youtube.

This is a story about a pacifist Nikolay from Gorlovka, who, with the outbreak of the war in Donbass in 2014, lost his pregnant wife, who was killed by the invaders, thus the main character does not want to put up with lawlessness and becomes a Ukrainian sniper -volunteer.

The film will be released in Ukraine by Independence Day on August 24, 2022.

somewhat prophetic – that February 24, 2022 will change the life of every Ukrainian, dividing it into “before” and “after”. I am sure that the release of the film, timed to coincide with Independence Day, is the right step, because now our Independence and Freedom are at stake. We believe that our cinema will once again remind you that the war knocked on peaceful Ukrainian homes 8 years ago, and all this time Ukrainian soldiers courageously defend our land – just like our Sniper,” shares Artem Denisov, film producer.

It was previously reported that Netflix will provide for Ukrainian filmmakers 100 scholarships in the amount of one thousand euros.


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