The trial against Roberto Saviano begins for calling Meloni a “bastard”

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 The trial begins against Roberto Saviano for calling Meloni a

Roberto Saviano, the world-renowned Italian author for Gomorrah, a novel about the Neapolitan mafia, this Tuesday faced the first hearing of a trial for He allegedly slandered against Giorgia Meloni, the current Italian Prime Minister and leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party. The reason is a few words from the writer from 2020 when he checked the name of the writer. to Meloni from “bastard” following harsh criticism of the far-right for hers attacks against the NGOs that rescue migrants at sea.

The first hearing of the process, which has aroused more interest in the international press than in the Italian one, was held in April. He was brought before the ninth criminal section of the Court of Rome. There, shortly before the start of the hearing, Saviano read the sentence. a brief statementto explain his defensive thesis. He said that he could not “remain silent” in the face of the tragedy of “the dead, the drowned, the indifference and the speculation” about the migrants who die at sea. There is “excessive hatred” towards NGOs because “they don't want witnesses”, the writer stressed.

The biggest blow to the scene, however, has come from the lawyers de Meloni, who with his complaint against Saviano initially set the trial in motion. “We are considering withdrawing the complaint“, reported Luca Libra, one of the Italian president's lawyers, who did not attend the hearing also because he is in Bali for the G20 leaders' summit. For On the contrary, in an attitude apparently opposite to that of Meloni, Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League, requested to be a civil party in the procedure , according to Saviano himself.

Freedom of expression

The trial, that Saviano considers an attack against the freedom of expression, refers to some statements by the writer on December 7, 2020, when he accused the author of the freedom of expression. He asked Meloni and Salvini, today Italy's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, to take advantage of his anti-immigration speech to get electoral gains. nall the crap thrown at NGOs, which are called ‘taxis of the sea’ or ‘cruises’. I can only say: bastards. To Meloni and Salvini, bastards, how can you describe all this pain in this way? ” Saviano said at the time during a television program, 'Piazzapulita', in which politics was addressed. of the ports closed to the humanitarian ships that save migrants in the Mediterranean.

Since then, Saviano has repeatedly characterized attacks by Italian far-right leaders against him as attempts to censor and “criminalize dissent” “It's something typical of authoritarian regimes” a month ago. In Italy “there is no immigration emergency, there is a racist emergency. I run the risk of being (punished) with three years (in prison), for having called (Meloni and Salvini) a bastard. I would do it again & rdquor; in a recent interview with the Italian newspaper 'La Stampa'.

Other lawsuits

This is not the only legal action involving Saviano and figures from the current Italian Executive. There are also two other open procedures. One is for having described Salvini as “minister of the malavita(organized crime, in Italian slang)”, after the leader of the League attended a public meeting in 2018 in the Calabrian city of Rosarno, one of the areas most infiltrated by the mafia ' Calabrian Ndrangheta, and did not say a word against this criminal group.The other is for his criticism of the current Minister of Culture and former journalist, Gennaro Sangiuliano, whom he called “ Putin biographer” and “mediocre journalist”.

Even so, the case has not left indifferent some intellectuals who decided to accompany the writer during the hearing. The writers Sandro Veronesi, Michela Murgia and Nicola Lagioia, as well as such as the actress Kasia Smutniak and the director of the newspaper La Stampa, Massimo Giannini, were part of this group, which attended the meeting. to the hearing to express his support for Saviano and criticize the fact that the case has reached the courts. The next hearing will be held next December 12.