The trick of window cleaners – with this home remedy, windows will be cleaner and streak-free for longer


    February 13, 2022, 20:37 | Science and technology

    There will be no dust or dirt on the windows – they will always be clean and transparent.

    A trick from window cleaners — with this home remedy, the windows will be cleaner for longer and without streaks

    Recently I became aware of one secret that really effectively helps to keep the windows clean for a long time. A neighbor who recently started working at a cleaning company told me about it, Ukr.Media informs.

    They only use this tool at work when they wash windows. This solution is the final step in glass washing. It can be used at home, if the windows are not very dirty, immediately, without washing.

    To prepare this remedy, pour a liter of cold water into a convenient container, add 70% essence of vinegar to it, 1 tbsp is enough. spoons per liter of water.

    Then you need to add the same amount of ammonia.

    And lastly, pour potato starch in the same proportion.

    Pour the solution into a spray bottle and we spray them not only on glass, but also on frames. Let it work, leaving it for a couple of minutes.

    Then take a cloth or napkin (dry) and wipe it well. There are no streaks left.

    This solution is great not only because it perfectly cleans the glass without leaving streaks, but also copes well with dirt on the windowsill.

    I also noticed that the windows stay clean much longer. Dirt and dust do not stick to them, as happens after using purchased window cleaners.


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