The truth about the relationship between Krawczyk Junior and Katarzyna has come to light. The woman broke the silence


There were unpleasant rumors in the public space about Junior's relationship with Katarzyna …

 The truth about the relationship between Krawczyk Junior and Katarzyna came to light. The woman broke the silence

As we remember, Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk, losing his father and entering the war path with his widow, put himself in a very difficult situation, not only in society, but also in financial terms.

Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk finally obtained a flat. What does his beloved Katarzyna say?

His persistent fight for his father's fortune has shown many people that he does not care about proper relations with his relatives, who remain with him, and as we know, there are few of them. When it turned out that Junior had problems with obtaining the right to a social flat, he got into a relationship with a woman named Katarzyna, who took him in, despite the fact that he lives with his mother on a very small square.

On his social media profiles we still see photos and videos of various meetings, travels and performances, but we do not find Katarzyna there, apart from collective photos.

Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk now draws from his full recognition by handfuls, still fighting for money with his father's widow Ewa Krawczyk, who replaced his mother's place alongside Krzysztof Krawczyk.

Now Pomponik reports that Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk has finally received a social flat, but this is an event It made Katarzyna aware that the rumors about him could be true. Let us remind you that with his own behavior he forced Katarzyna's mother to order him to leave her apartment.

Now the media is reporting the unpleasant truth that Katarzyna learned about her relationship with Igor. As she admitted, he stopped being in touch with her, and the only meetings are held on trial – I don't have contact with Krzysztof anymore. We only see each other at the rehearsals of Krzysztof Cwynar – Katarzyna Filipiak revealed to the media.


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