The turn of cold medicines for adults to be in short supply

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Cold medicine for adults suffering from a shortage

Cough syrups, sold over the counter in pharmacies, are in short supply.

After the shortage of pediatric acetaminophen, c& #x27;is the turn of cold products, such as cough syrups or tablets against nasal congestion, to become rare on the shelves. With the explosion of viruses, demand is exploding and pharmacy shelves are emptying.

The Quebec Association of Proprietary Pharmacists does not speak of a complete shortage, but this strong demand complicates the supply. Several products arrive in pharmacies in dribs and drabs, and as soon as they hit the shelves, they are sold out almost immediately.

In Sherbrooke, several shelves at Allan Haddad's pharmacy display a notice indicating products out of stock. A situation that the pharmacist finds very frustrating. You don't open a business to have empty shelves! he exclaims. You open a business to help people and keep your inventory rolling.

“We're talking about products that have been on the market for ages. They are not expensive products to produce. Why is there a lack? That's no reason the demand is too high. It's not gold, it's health staples!

—Allan Haddad, Pharmacist

Pharmacists are also seeing customers wanting to stock up, creating additional pressure. Some pharmacies had to put limits on purchases to avoid the shortage.

There is an artificial shortage that is growing because people hear about it, are afraid they will run out, and make impulse purchases even if they are not sick, explains the president of the #x27;Quebec Association of Proprietary Pharmacists, Benoît Morin.

However, he moderates the situation, specifying that the enthusiasm is not as strong as that concerning the medication for children.

The shortage of children's drugs isn't about to run out of steam either.

Besides, the shortage of pediatric painkillers isn't about to end. is not about to settle anytime soon, according to the general manager of the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Distributors, Hugues Mousseau. Although 160,000 bottles of children's Tylenol will be imported from the United States over the next few days, almost all of these products have already been sold and demand remains very strong, he explains.

< p class="e-p">With the holidays approaching and viruses still active, he believes demand will not subside. Nevertheless, he maintains that Canadian production is already doubled compared to historical volumes. There is strong production from all industry partners to have a matching offer or thereabouts, but the momentum remains difficult.

With information from Marie-Hélène Rousseau

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