The two Koreas exchanged warning projectiles on their maritime border

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 The two Koreas exchanged warning shots on their sea border

The two Koreas today exchanged warning shots on their sea border western accusing each other of violating it, as reported by the armies of both countries, in a new example of the growing tension on the peninsula.

“Today ( Monday, October 24) around 3:42 (18:42 GMT on Sunday), a north korean merchant invaded The North Limit Line (which marks the western inter-Korean maritime border) about 27 kilometers northeast of Baengnyeong Island in the West Sea (the name given to the Yellow Sea in the two Koreas) and the South Korean army took measures for their evacuation through messages and emergency fire”, reported the South Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

Shortly thereafter the Northargued that the South Korean warning patrol violated turn the divider and fired. “Ten projectiles from multiple rocket launchers towards territorial waters where enemy movement was detected, at 5:15 am (20:15 GMT on Sunday),” he detailed. In turn, a spokesman for the northern General Staff in a message broadcast by the KCNA agency.

According to the text, the vessel “crossed the North Limit Line (NLL) under the control of the Korean People's Army between 2.5 and 5 kilometers in waters about 20 kilometers from Baengnyeong around 3:50 (18:50 GMT on Sunday).

Traced by the US-led UN Command at the end of the Korean War in 1953, the NLL it is not recognized by Pyongyang and has been the scene of fighting that has left both sides dead in 1999, 2002, 2009 and 2010.

The South Korean military said North Korea launched a bomb. The ten rockets from the border province of South Hwanghae and that the projectiles fell in maritime areas next to the LLN that both countries delimited in a military agreement signed in 2018 in which they undertook to avoid maneuvers or exercises with live fire in said areas.

For this reason, Seúl insisted. today that today's launches, as well as the artillery rounds that Pyongyang has fired last week, constitute a violation of said agreement and He urged the northern troops to “immediately cease the repeated provocations and hostile arguments, as they are acts that harm peace and stability.” n in the region is reaching levels similar to those of 2017as a result of the recent increase in the frequency of projectile launches by North Korea, the tests with which Seoul and Washington are replicating, and the possibility of a new atomic test, since the satellites indicate that Pyongyang has been ready for one for months.

Seoul announces maneuvers in the Yellow Sea after the exchange of fire with the North

The South Korean Navy announced that from today until October 27will perform “large-scale” maneuvers in the Yellow Sea, the scene just a few hours before an exchange of warning fire between Seoul and Pyongyang.

It is “an exercise large-scale maritime that functions as preparation for enemy provocations” in which the South Korean Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, in addition to US troops, also participate, explained the official. The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said in a statement.

In the maneuvers, which will be carried out in the area of ​​the so-called North Limit Line (LLN), some 20 South Korean navy ships, including frigates or destroyers equipped with the Aegis missile system, coast guard vessels or F-15 and F-16 Air Force fighters and, on the other hand, US fighters, Apache helicopters or A-10 attack planes.

“The main exercisel seeks a rapid detection of enemy forces either via air or sea around the northwestern islands of the western coast and execute a rapid response by special combat units,” adds the JCS text.

< strong>The announcement comes just hours after the two Koreas today exchanged warning shots around the NLL accus&acu mutually trying to violate it.