The Ukrainian army close to rout in the Donbass


REPORTAGE. In the Luhansk region, the Russian forces repeat the same strategy as in Mariupol. How long will the kyiv soldiers last? I subscribe for 1€ the 1st month

The encirclement of Sievierodonetsk and Lyssytchansk seems almost achieved. After having cut the main road which connects them to Bakhmout and the rest of Ukraine, the Russian forces are relentless on the track which still allows the soldiers and a few courageous humanitarian workers to pass. But for how long?

Around these cities, the Russian General Staff chose to reproduce the same tactic as in Mariupol: a massive shelling aimed at flattening everything. Some positions, notably in the south, were stripped to mass as many men and guns as possible. The configuration of the current borders and front lines is also favorable to them, as they can attack from three sides, which increasingly seems like an enclave position.

Ukrainian army close to rout in Donbass

Ukrainian army close to rout in Donbass

The prospect of an encirclement t

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