The UN in favor of global rules on social networks

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The UN in favor of global rules on social networks

The UN believes that the responsibility for determining how to manage social media should be international.

The international community, not businesswomen and businessmen like Twitter's new owner Elon Musk, should determine how to manage social media, the chairman of the Council of Businesses said on Thursday. human rights agency.

Who is going to hold the helm in the gray area between good and evil on social media?, s'p x27; is questioned Federico Villegas in front of journalists in Geneva.

Who will decideā€¦ Elon Musk?, he continued, pleading for the Human Rights Council to provide common rules for social networks, in particular with regard to the limits of the freedom of ;expression.

Should it be up to a private entrepreneur to decide what is dangerous and what incites violence and hatred?, asked the Argentine diplomat whose successor is to be named on Friday.

He particularly echoed the case of American rapper Kanye West, whose Twitter account Elon Musk suspended last week due to of the publication of an anti-Semitic image representing a swastika intertwined with a star of David as well as admiring remarks for Hitler.

The billionaire advocated since his arrival at the head of the platform in October an absolute vision of freedom of expression, believing that the latter should only know virtually no limits.

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