The unique recording made the media. At the sight of this, many mushroom pickers will feel a twinge of jealousy

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The recording of a forest full of mushrooms caused a lot of emotions.

 The unique recording was circulated in the media. Many mushroom pickers will feel a twinge of jealousy at the sight of it

According to the” Interia “portal, an exceptional recording appeared on the Facebook profile of Lubuskie Łowc & oacute; in Burz. Seeing this, many an avid mushroom picker will feel their heart beating faster. The discharge that was captured on video is really impressive. Anyway, see for yourself!

Impressive rash

The recording was made by Filip Mar & scaron; ala from the Czech Republic. The film shows a forest strewn with red pine mushrooms – a sight that will make many mushroom picker's hearts beat faster. It's hard to even count the mushrooms you see in the video. There is no doubt that it takes quite a lot of baskets to collect them all.

I don't think it will surprise anyone that the recording caused quite a stir on the web. Many Internet users did not hide their admiration in the comments under the recording. There were also comments that in a slightly humorous way expressed jealousy for the happiness that meets our neighbor.

“Not only do they have dumplings, good beer, cheap coal, it's still rusty … There is no justice “- wrote one of the video commentators.

We also have no reason to complain.

Also many mushroom pickers from our country can boast of considerable crops or impressive specimens. In many places in Poland, we are witnessing a large outpouring. Recently, a large amount of fungi can be enjoyed by, among others, mushroom pickers walking in the Świętokrzyskie or Subcarpathian forests.

Currently, in Polish forests you can come across, among others, bay boletes, which reach not only large sizes but also an impressive amount. There are also rigs in Polish forests, which you could see on the recording from the Czech Republic.

 The unique recording spread around the media. At the sight of this, many mushroom pickers will feel a pang of jealousy

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