The United Kingdom outsources asylum applications… to Rwanda


Boris Johnson signs a controversial agreement with Kigali to encourage migrants whose applications have been refused to settle in the country of the Great Lakes.

UK outsourcing asylum claims to Rwanda

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The idea is a priori absurd: outsource asylum applications for illegal immigrants in an African country located 6,500 kilometers from the United Kingdom . Yet this is the plan announced on April 14 by the British government under which some of the illegal immigrants who crossed the Channel will be sent… to Rwanda. They will mostly be single men who are in the majority of cases economic refugees. Those who are denied asylum will be able to settle in the Great Lakes country or return to their country of origin.

“Our compassion is endless, but our ability to help these people is not”: for Boris Johnson, there was an urgent need to act in the face of the influx of illegal immigrants who reach England from the continent by crossing the Channel vi