The US aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan” with escort is heading to the coast of Taiwan, – media


U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan escorted to Taiwan coast, — media

The movement of the US fleet is associated with a possible visit of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the island and threats from China.

The US carrier group led by the USS Ronald Reagan is heading towards Taiwan. The South China Morning Post, an English-language edition of Hong Kong, writes about this.

According to journalists, the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, accompanied by an escort, left Singapore and headed northeast towards Taiwan, where the speaker may arrive on an official visit US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The carrier group, according to the SCMP, is moving towards the island after official Beijing warned Washington of serious consequences if the top official's trip does come true.

“The US military has not revealed the final destination, but the route will take the carrier group to the Taiwan Strait. Pelosi has not yet confirmed her plans, but if she visits the island, she will become the highest-ranking US politician to visit Taiwan since 1997. Beijing has warned that they will regard this visit as a dangerous provocation,” the publication of the Hong Kong edition says.

Journalists also claim that units of the National will release China's army is stepping up its presence in the region amid a possible visit by Pelosi, including expanding its air base in Fujian, which is across the strait from Taiwan. At the same time, as the publication says, the White House doubts that the Celestial Empire will take direct action against the speaker of the House of Representatives himself.


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