The US embassy in Russia asks its citizens to leave the country “immediately”

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Latest news about the war in Ukraine and international tension, live

The US embassy in Russia asks its citizens to leave the country

The embassy of the United States in RussiaIt has asked its citizens to leave this country “immediately”, according to a statement published on the diplomatic legation's website. “United States citizens should not travel to Russia and those residing in or traveling (now) to Russia should leave the country immediately while there are limited business travel options,” the note says.

Russia will not issue more passportsfor people mobilized for the Army, indicated This Wednesday the Government information portal, at a time when tens of thousands of people have already fled abroad as a result of this situation. “If a citizen has already been summoned to carry out his military service or if he received a summons (for mobilization or conscription), his international passport will be rejected,” can be read on the information portal.< /p>

Following Vladimir Putin's order to mobilize 300,000 reservists for the Ukrainian conflict, new satellite images have been released showing Long queues of Russians fleeing towards Georgia and Mongolia. The images show queues of vehicles – cargo trucks and cars – waiting stuck in long traffic jams to try to cross the borders.

The queue to cross into Georgia stretches for more than 16 kilometers. The estimated wait to enter Georgia reached 48 hours on Sunday, with more than 3,000 vehicles queuing to cross the border, Russian state media reported. The Georgian capital, Tbilisi, had already accounted for some 40,000 Russians since Moscow. invaded Ukraine on February 24, according to government statistics.