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The very surprising reason for the absence of Thibaut Courtois at the Euro

Belgium's goalkeeper is not present at the match. the Euro and the reason is quite astonishing

It is consideredé as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and one thing is certain, not having Thibaut Courtois in your team is a big miss. However, Belgium has decided to to do without the Real Madrid goalkeeper. The reason ? A conflict with his Belgian national team coach.

However, "officially", Thibaut Courtois believes that he is not à 100% after being tested. absent for many months (since last August) à following two knee injuries, and preferred to do so. prepare as best as possible for next season by ignoring, therefore, Euro 2024.

The real reason is quite different and comes from  "armband-gate". In June 2023, Courtois had a hard time not being designated. captain, in the absence of Kevin De Bruyne, during a match against Austria, the 100th in selection for the Flemish goalkeeper. Romelu Lukaku had been replaced by him. favorite, Courtois then deciding to slam the door of the selection a few days later, before a match against France. Estonia. "A tribute was planned for my hundredth selection. This is the moment when, as a federation and coach, you can make a nice gesture towards a goalkeeper who has done a lot for your country (. ..) When he said that Romelu was captain against Austria and I was captain against Estonia, something happened. is broken in me", launchedé the guard &agrav; the time.

Whatever happens, his absence makes the Blues happy. I'm glad they got into trouble with the coach. Well, I don't know (laughs). It happened what ? You will explain to me later (  to a Belgian journalist). I'm glad he's not there, he's a great goalkeeper, he stops everything. notably launchedé Eduardo Camavinga.

Teilor Stone

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