The video of the heroic cat made its way around the web. The quadruped has saved the child from great danger

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This cat has refuted the myth that these animals only care for themselves!

The video of the heroic cat went around the web. The four-animal saved the child from great danger

On the YouTube platform we can see a unique video where the heroic cat deals with the myth that these animals, they only care about themselves. The video, which has so far collected 16 million views, shows how a brave cat named Gatubela, using his smartness, saves a toddler from falling down the stairs. Meet this amazing story!

The cat saved the child

Gatubela is a cat that certainly deserved to be called a hero. His feline cleverness avoided the worst. Thanks to the quick reaction of the four-legged child, the little child avoided a fall from a bone that could have really tragic consequences.

The video, which lasts only 50 seconds, shows how Gatubel distracts little Samuel from the stairs that the child has come dangerously close to. The kitten successfully pulled the boy away from the danger zone.

The film shows the boy getting out of his bed and passing the cat dangerously approaching the door, behind which there are several steps. The pet patrolling the situation vigilantly observes the toddler, and when he notices the danger, he jumps out of his place and forces the toddler to change his plans.

The cat's reaction delighted the Internet user

Of course, it is not known to what extent the cat's reaction was a response to a threat and how much a desire to play. Regardless of what was driving the animal, the most important thing was to help the boy return to the safe center of the room.

Many comments appeared under the recording, in which Internet users were delighted with the attitude of the dog. “A real hero”, “kitty, you are a real blessing” – these are just some of the words of delight you can read.

 The recording of the heroic cat went around the net.

What do you think about the cat's behavior in the video?

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