The wages of farmers and miners were put under the scrutiny. This comparison raises a lot of emotions

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Comparing miners' privileges with other groups raises many emotions.

 The wages of farmers and generals were taken under the microscope. This comparison evokes a lot of emotions

According to the” Super Express “portal, the specificity of individual professions makes people who perform them can count on specific privileges. For years, a lot of attention has been paid to workers and pensions that representatives of this professional group receive. The burden of the work performed, as well as the privileges resulting from it, are often the center of the dispute. This is the case, for example, in the case of farmers and farmers. How does the privilege compare in both groups?

Farmers and miners

There is no doubt that working in a mine is both hard and dangerous. It is also quite profitable, because miners can boast quite large incomes and retirement benefits. An argument often raised in the debate about the mining industry is the unpleasantness of Polish mines and financing from our mining taxes as a privilege.

Farmers' wages and wages were taken under the scrutiny. This comparison raises a lot of emotions.

Farmer's work is not easy either. However, it is definitely less profitable. According to the data presented by “Super Express”, the average retirement and disability pension in the first half of the year amounted to PLN 1,481.88. On an annual basis, this is an increase of 4.3%.

At the same time, the average benefit of an insured person outside the agricultural insurance system increased by over 8.5%. and amounted to PLN 2,815.01 gross. At the same time, the rider can count on a benefit in excess of PLN 4,000. zloty. But that's not all. Added to this is the “coal allowance of PLN 6,697.11 gross”, which is indexed every year.

 Wages of the farmer & oacute; w and g & oacute; rnik & oacute; it evokes a lot of emotions

And although it is difficult to assess the importance of individual professions, because everyone is needed and indispensable, it cannot be denied that miners can count on exceptional treatment and bonuses that representatives of the free market professions can only dream of.

And what do you think about the governing privileges?

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