The Walking Dead: between blood and zombie, a Christmas episode will land

The Walking Dead: between blood and zombie, a Christmas episode will land


Is AMC already preparing the end of The Walking Dead or has it succumbed to the fashion of specials going to roam the Christmas side with its zombies?

If the hairy managed to take a break during World War I to celebrate Christmas (anecdote told in Christian Carion's Merry Christmas ), AMC's undead may well do the same.

And after the snow-capped final episode of its ninth season, what could be more natural for The Walking Dead than to wait for Santa's sleigh and treat yourself to presents instead of fighting the flesh- eating apocalypse ?

“Hello it's Santa Claus!”

Well… that those who are a thousand miles from asking this question, and who are already saying “it's good this time I hang up, TWD , it's really no longer possible” reassure themselves, the channel didn't really decide to dress up zombie # 2093 as Santa Claus and everyone else as elves for a special episode.

No, it was rather planned to bring together part of the cast of The Walking Dead , but also of Fear and World Beyond in a special Christmas program while waiting to deliver the bonus episodes of season 10, via the program Talking Dead.

There is no indication if this show will be the reunion in crossover mode teased by showrunner Scott M Gimple, but if so, those who expected more may be a little disappointed… A must see for the undecrottable of the living dead, what this meeting will give on December 13th.

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