The Walking Dead – Dead City: a first teaser for the spin-off on Maggie and Negan

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The Walking Dead ended, spin-off series take on continuing the universe, starting with The Walking Dead: Dead City which unveiled Negan and Maggie in a timid trailer.

The brave who endured the eleven seasons of The Walking Dead out of pure principle to go to the end of things had to bite their fingers in the face of the announcement of the extended universe. And we pity them if their morals push them to stuff themselves with the next four productions developed in parallel with the main series.

In advance, we wish good luck to these soldiers. If the latest detailed episode of The Walking Deadlaid the groundwork for these new programs, the one with Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan sounds like the least adventurous and gripping. After showing the first images to set the tone, The Walking Dead: Dead City has unveiled itself even more in a first teaser… and it still doesn't make you want to.

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As induced in the preview, Negan and Maggiehead to Manhattan. On the other hand, we do not really know why and the mute trailer does not say it, just as it does not explain why Negan follows Maggie like a little dog. So yes, he blames himself, he wants to redeem himself, he's sad… but still.

In the measly twenty seconds given to see,the preview attempts to distill a horrific vibewith its oppressive music and alarm siren in the background. However, this is quickly caught up with the plans which, instead of adding grist to the mill, annihilate everything, especially with this masked threat feared by Negan and Maggie revealed a few seconds later without being to his advantage. Similarly, the duo is reduced to hiding, being guided like visiting tourists and crying. Also, it's hard to take this diversion seriously with these bones that give more the impression of seeing a child having fun with his toys.

The wandering of the two heroes seems made to dig into the relationship between them >, which on paper is interesting. Nevertheless, the narrative's propensity to confront them once more with the eternal human threat smashes the hope of finding a tantalizing and introspective character study.

And it's not the outbursts of violence and other lucky-mouthed zombies whose atrocity audiences have had plenty of time to get used to after eleven seasons that will sell the project. Anyway, it's still too early to say, but we'll have to wait for the next trailer to increase the desire for the novelty, which still has no release date. Moreover, the perfect gateway to prepare for the spin-off is the final episode of The Walking Dead, available on OCS since November 21, 2022.

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